50.00 € Het medicijn voor de behandeling van coronavirus . Immune Potentiator . Schiedam

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Improves general feeling – 98 %
Reduces tiredness – 93 %
Improves workability – 90 %
Reduces nervousness – 84 %
Reduces depression – 77 %
Reduces frequency of illnesses – 68 %
Reduces frequency of infectious diseases – 55 %
Normalizes bowel passability – 54 %
Normalizes appetite – 48 %
Improves hair – 47 %
Improves skin – 44 %
Normalize weight – 36 %
Normalize vision – 32 %
Normalize blood pressure – 32 %
Improves nails – 32 %
Reduces sensitivity to weather changes – 24 %
Reduces harmful habits – 15 %
Research shows, that consumers of BIOENERGOSTIMS or BIOSTIMS find improvement in cases of various life quality disorders:


Back in 1979 a British journalist from the Guinness Book of World Records was on assignment to interview what was reported to be the world’s oldest living man. His name was Shigechiyo Izumi and he lived on Tokonoshima, an island that belongs to the Southern Island of Japan. At the time of the interview Izumi was 115 years old; the journalist was astounded at the remarkable good health Izumi enjoyed, and he learned that Izumi had worked until he was 105. After further investigation the journalist found that all of the inhabitants of the island enjoyed the same good health and longevity. Investigators discovery was nothing short of phenomenal; the researchers found that the Island was composed of Sango coral. After testing the water the Islanders drank they found it to be completely different from any other water in the world. What made the water unique was that the water sifts through the coral picking up minerals and other elements.

Corals are live organisms that live in the ocean forming colonies or reefs during thousands of years. Of 2500 sorts of corals only two are used as food. One of them is Sango coral that are found in Japan, near Okinava island. Sango coral contains 73 minerals essential for human living: calcium, magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron, zinc, manganese, copper, molibdenium, gold, cobalt and other rare minerals.

Interestingly, calcium in corals is in an easily assailable ionic form. Investigation of coral calcium show that, when assimilated in the body, it reduces the excess acid in the blood (makes it alkaline) and improves supply of the free oxygen to the body cells.

Sango coral also contains the rare mineral Praseodymium. It has been established in laboratory that Praseodymium in microscopic doses in rats prolong their lives 2-fold. The same has been confirmed for the rare mineral Yttrium, which is also found in Sango coral. 73 of Sango coral minerals, including coral calcium enhance the effects of selenium in the body and significantly broadens spectrum of its beneficial properties.


Regular use of the BIOSTIMS prevents deficiency of selenium and reduces consequences of it, and, therefore, helps to protect, maintain and improve health, and reduces many potential risks for the health for all the family:

Decreases prevalence, duration and severity of next diseases
Prevents progression of diseases and reduces undesirable consequences
Promotes production of energy in the organism
Improves life-strength and protective capabilities of the organism
Reduces toxic load of the organism
Reduces the risk to fall ill and potential duration of the illness
Improves healing possibilities
Reduces the risk of disability and hospitalization;
Improves the quality of life
Reduces the limitations of life-style
Returns and harmonizes the activity of organs and organ systems to it’s normal state
Increases the efficacy of treatment
Reduces treatment costs for diseases and health maintenance
Reduces undesirable effects of drugs
Reduces the risk of disability
Reduces the risk of premature death
Reduces the risk of premature aging
Increases the productivity of living

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